About us

We know what you’re thinking… How did two masculine men get into the candle making business?

Our story

A glimpse of inspiration

Well, let us take you through a brief background.

One night, Kevin lit a candle to add a little ambiance to the room. When he pulled the candle away from the wall, he noticed a black soot mark had made its presence all along the side. While most guys would just move the candle away from the wall (duh), Kevin had two thoughts, one--oh crap, my wall and two--this can’t be healthy (and it wasn’t). Thus, Wax and Wick was born.

our goal is — to combine minimalist aesthetics with 100% soy wax and natural wood wicks for a clean burning masculine candle for men.

In the beginning, Wax and Wick was just the two of us, dedicated to creating the best 100% soy-based candles. We handled everything from pouring to packing to shipping, all by hand. After a few sleepless nights and over three years of passion-fueled growth, our team has expanded. While our approach has evolved, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship remains unwavering as we continue to grow.

Double wooden wicks
Custom Scents
100% Soy wax
Hand-Poured in America
reusable glass jars
clean and sustainable




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