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100% Soy wax
Double wooden wicks
Paraffin free
longer burn time
Hand-Poured in America

Candle care

We love wooden wicks for their unique charm, but since they're cut from untreated wood, expect slight variations in thickness and grain. This means each candle may burn differently and need extra care. Check out our tips on lighting and upkeep.

Customer Reviews


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Oakmoss scent is amazing!

Unlit, this candle smells amazing! The box itself even smelled wonderful from the candle! Love the style of the box it comes in and the glass jar that holds the candle. I have been burning the Oakmoss candle for a few days now & I absolutely love it. The smell is uniquely fantastic and does a pretty good job of filling the room. I also love the double wooden wick. The crackle is suddle but soothing, and I really like the larger flame that truly gives more of a fireplace effect than typical candles do. Very nice Wax and Wick! All USA based company and products. A+


By far, the best candles on the market.

I love this Candle. I've seen so many types of "Candles for guys" but this company tops them all. The designs are spectacular. Very modern and simple but still able to show that its masculine. I've seen the black colors before and they are great, but these white ones look sharp on are dark counter tops (see picture). The scents remind me of the Forrest. my wife loves it because every time she smells the scent, she says it reminds her of me. The best part has to be the wooden wick. This is what really makes the candle pop. This is what really make the candle manly. There is a slight hiss that reminds me of a campfire.


Extremely Fragrant Candle

I ordered the oakmoss candle in black. Two things surprised me- it doesn't have a lid, and it has a wonderful citrus scent.

The candle has an amazing presence- its scent really fills the room, even when not lit!

The jar is also filled to the brim with wax, which definitely explains the lack of lid. It doesn't produce a ton of smoke when lit, and it lights easily. I would recommend covering it to snuff it, as it produces a bit of smoke when put out.

Natalie m

Lovely candle!

This is a great candle! The scent is lovely and it fills the room, I even often smell its scent when the candle isn’t lit! (I keep it on my bedside table). I’d definitely still buy another though, just because of how well it gives off scent

George Augustus

This is actually the best candle ever

This is actually the best candle ever. I've been hesitant to leave feedback because I fear you will raise the price before I get at least a dozen more. Especially after I tell you that the price is way less than I expected.

Love love love this candle, just keeping fingers crossed that the amazing price stays the same.