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100% Soy wax
Double wooden wicks
Paraffin free
longer burn time
Hand-Poured in America

Candle care

We love wooden wicks for their unique charm, but since they're cut from untreated wood, expect slight variations in thickness and grain. This means each candle may burn differently and need extra care. Check out our tips on lighting and upkeep.

Customer Reviews


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Best Candle So Far

I regularly burn candles and have been trying to switch over to soy candles. I love this candle. I've only burned one so far so I can only give my experience off of one candle. The wood wick and wax burned evenly. It didn't leave any wasted wax on the sidewalls. When lit the smell travels well, even when not lit, occasionally if I'm near by it I can smell it. Does not create too much smoke (I have white walls so I was a little concerned). It is reasonably priced compared to other soy wax candles. I also like the simple design of the candle. I turn the label around towards the back for a cleaner look. I will be buying more.

Demonic Noodles

Great Smelling Candle

I was looking for something that smelled like a campfire. While this candle did not smell like that, the jar isn't filled with burning wood, so I'm not sure what I was expecting.

What this candle does offer is a dark, warm smell. It has notes of a fireside, and it goes well with a dark room, a glass of scotch and some good music. I really enjoy this candle, and will either be buying this one again, or trying another from Wax & Wick!

T. Hoelscher

Cool and Attractive Candle

Wonderful candle! The candle looks great (the black version at least).The wood wick does make for a nice flame and it does produce an occasional crackle and pop, which is cool.