Which Candle burns faster Scented or Unscented?

Have you been thinking about the burning times of the scented candles and unscented candles? Which of these candles will provide you with a longer burn time, in your opinion?

Most candle lovers feel that scented candles burn longer as compared to unscented ones. Let’s explore if that is true or it is just a myth.

Do unscented candles burn for a lesser time?

If you have tried burning both (scented and unscented candles) at some point, you may have a feeling that the unscented candles have lasted lesser than the scented soy wax candles. But this isn’t true every time. There are multiple factors responsible for the difference in the burn time of both candles.

Here are a few of them:

Brand Name:

Using candles of different brand names (for this experiment) won't be a good idea, as one will burn faster than the other. This is because of the candle quality and raw material used in its creation.

Raw material:

The use of natural raw materials, like soy wax and beeswax, might result in quicker burning of the candle.


Another reason for the difference in the burning time is the different environment in which you have observed the burning time for the candles. Wind, temperature, and the area of the room might lead to a faulty judgment regarding the burning of the scented and the unscented candles.

It is essential to keep all these factors constant if you want to carry an experiment for yourself. 

"Scented candles burn for longer" Is that a myth?

Unfortunately, there is no clear study, which could prove it either way. However, the longer-lasting feeling of the scented candle has a bit of logic behind it. Once you turn off the unscented candle, or if it burns completely, you won’t feel any smell (and light). But if you blow off a scented candle (or even if it burns completely), you’ll feel a sweet scent in the air that will remain there for some time.

Having scent in the air usually gives a feeling that a scented candle has had a longer burn time as compared to the unscented one. This is the reason for the perception that the majority of people have.

Keeping this deduction in mind, if you’ll burn the scented and unscented candles together, there is a significant chance that both will end up at the same time. 

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