What to do with Leftover Scented Candle Wax?

Have you created your scented candles? We are sure you must be loving them. But what are you expecting to do with the leftover scented candle wax? Wasting it is not a good option; besides, it would increase your cost significantly.

So, what else can you do with it? Let us explore the options we have:

Make a new candle:

You can make a new soy wax candle with the leftover wax. You’ll have to perform the same procedure that you used at the time of creating your candles. If you have bought them from the market and aren't sure about the exact process, then we'll recommend you to read the detailed guide for creating scented candles. Don’t worry! The process is simple, but you’ll have to follow it precisely to get the results.

Create tea lights:

You can create tea lights for your dining table with the leftover scented wax and enjoy the wonderful scent. The process of melting the leftover wax is simple. Use double containers to melt the wax and pour it into your empty tea light containers. Don’t forget to add the wick at the bottom. Your tea lights are ready.

Decorative glasses:

The scented wax can help in creating decorative glasses. Creating designs with the melted wax can give a new look to the simple jars and bowls. Make sure to practice the design beforehand, as you won’t like to get into the hassle of removing wax from the glass.

Use them as wax warmers:

People use wax warmers to keep the home warm. These warmers require wax to burn and keep working. You can use the scented leftover wax for this purpose. It will not only provide you the fuel for the warmers but will also create a sweet scent you’ll love.

Summing up:

By using these creative ideas, you can convert your leftover scented candles into something useful. This will save you money, provide you with an entertaining activity, and make your home look beautiful.

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