How to Make a Scented Candle out of Crayons?

Have you found your kid’s old crayons from the cabinet? Like every parent, do you want to put everything to use? 

We have a marvellous idea for the crayons too. You can convert the old crayons into a scented wax candle. Before you ask how to let us share the procedure for making scented candles out of crayons.


Process of making scented candles out of crayons:

Below this, complete process of creating scented candles from crayons:

Get some wax:

Although you want to make scented candles from crayons, you still need wax. The candles made from pure crayons do not burn well.

So, get the wax you need to fill your candle container. Use the pallet or flake form to make your candles, as these wax types can melt easily.

Peel the crayons:

The next step is to peel the crayons. To do this, put the crayons in a bowl of cold water. The wrapper will be easily removed. Even if it doesn’t you can use a cutter to take out the label.

You’ll need six crayons to create a regular container of the candle.

Break the crayons:

Once you have done step 2, now it is time to cut the crayons into smaller pieces. Grating them would be best, as it will make the melting process easier. However, using a knife for getting smaller pieces will be fine too.

Set your glass container:

Put the wick in the middle of the container and put a drop of hot wax in it to keep it in place.

Melt the wax and crayons:

Use the double boiler method to melt the wax. Put the melted wax into a glass bowl and place this boil in the saucepan with hot water.

You can mix the crayons in the wax if you are using single-color crayons. Keep stirring the mixture until it is fully melted.

Scent the candles:

Once the wax is melted, you can add a few drops of essential oil or your favorite fragrance into the candle to make them the scented crayon candles.

Pour the melted wax and crayons into the container:

Now, put the molten mixture into the container over the wick and let it settle. Cut the extra wick to ensure safety and your candle is ready.

Let it harden:

Although the process is complete, you’ll have to give your candle 2-3 days to settle before you can light it up. So, wait patiently to get an appreciation for the beautiful craft you have created from the crayons.

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