How to Scent Candles?

If you have always fancied the smell coming out of a candle, this guide is specifically for you. Making scented candles is not difficult; you can easily manage them at your home by adopting the right candle-making approach.

Before we move any further, let’s share some tips to help you get your perfect scented candles:

Tips for adding scent to candies:

Here are a few tips to help you make your scented candles perfect.

  • Don’t add too much of the fragrance oil as it will not let the candle burn properly, and you won’t be able to smell the lovely scent (of course)
  • Measure the wax and fragrance oil adequately. Estimating isn’t the art that would work in this field of scenting soy wax candles.
  • The type of fragrance oil in a candle would determine the best temperature to add the scent. Reading labels of the essential or fragrance oil might help in this regard.
  • Keep stirring the fragrance oil and wax mixture to get the perfect blend.

How to scent candles?

Do you want to know the entire procedure? We are sharing it below:

Melt the Wax:

The first step in making the scented candles is the same as it would be in creating a normal non-scented candle. You’ll have to measure the wax flakes and melt them.

Don’t forget that you can’t melt the wax directly overheat. Either you’ll need a specific candle-melting pitcher, or you can use the double boiling method in this regard.

According to this method, you can put your wax in a heat-resistant glass bowl. Place this bowl in a saucepan half filled with water. Let the water’s temperature reach closer to the boiling point, and you’ll see the wax melting.

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Let the wax cool:

Once the wax melts, remove it from the heat immediately, as prolonged heat can burn the wax. You don’t have to do anything specific to let it cool down. Wait for a minute, and you’ll reach an ideal temperature.

Scent the candles:

This step is essential in the creation of scented candles. Add the fragrance oil or essential oil to the candle, depending on your requirements.

You have to add the scented oil when the wax’s temperature is 120 - 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding it in cold wax won’t let it mix properly, and you won’t get a uniform smelling scented wax.

Once you add the scent, keep stirring it for two minutes, so every bit of the wax absorbs the scent. This hard work will pay off when you smell a sweet aroma everywhere in your home.

Place the wick and pour the wax:

Place the wick in the container; ensure to keep it straight and pour the melted was with scent in it.

Let the wax harden and settle in the container. You’ll have to wait for 3 days at least before you can light your scented candle. So, be prepared for it.

Summing up:

While making your scented candles, do not forget these tips and procedures. Adopting it properly with the right math will give your beautiful commercial-looking scented candles at your home.

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