How to Make Soy Candles in Mason Jars?

Are you into decoration and implementing DIY home improvement ideas? If yes, we are sure you’ll love this article as we are sharing a simple method to make your home look cool, fresh, and aromatic.

Let’s get started with the creation of soy wax candles in mason jars.

Things you’ll need:

Here are the things you’ll need to implement this DIY technique:

  1. Mason Jars
  2. Soy Wax
  3. Wick
  4. Fragrance (One you like the most like Vanilla)
  5. Sauce Pan
  6. Thermometer
  7. Glass Bowl


Making soy candles is simple. Here’s the procedure:

Melt the wax:

Put the soy flakes in the glass bowl. Place this bowl in the saucepan full of water. Put the saucepan on flame, and you’ll notice that your soy wax has started melting. Once it melts fully or reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to put off the flame.

Add the fragrance:

Whatever smell you have chosen for your scented candles, now is the time to add it. Be sure that your container is off the heat, or your fragrance oil will evaporate. Mix the oil well for at least two minutes.

Stick the wick:

Meanwhile, stick the wick to the mason jars. You can use a glue drop to ensure proper sticking.

Pour the wax into the mason jars:

When the wick settles in the center properly, pour the melted wax and fragrance oil mixture into your mason jars.

Let it settle:

Let the wax harden at room temperature to get its proper shape. You might have to wait for 3 days to let your candles settle properly.

Light the candles:

After 3 days, you can light the candles and feel the aroma penetrating every corner of your home.

Isn’t this DIY of making your scented soy candles in mason jars simple yet creative? Go for it today, and you’ll find many other uses for your candles too.

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