How to Melt Soy Wax for Candles?

Wow! Are you creating soy wax candles at home? This must be fun. We guess you are stuck with the meting process that you should adopt to melt the soy wax. Is that so?

We can help you with that. Terries no single method that you can consider best for melting candles. So, we are sharing a few of them. You can choose the one that you think is easies. So, let us start:

Use microwave:

Although it seems to be the easiest way you can use for melting candles, it requires constant supervision. You cannot walk away when your soy wax is in the microwave. Keep an eye while it is melting. It should usually take 4-5 minutes to melt, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Your microwave would be the determining factor here, so keeping an eye on the wax will help you find the exact time that your microwave would take.

Another crucial thing to take care of is that you should not overheat the wax once it gets in liquid form.

Use Double Boiler:

This is the typical method that most people use to boil wax. Take a large pan and fill it with water. Put it on the stove to heat. Now put another pan with soy wax in it within the water. The rising temperature of the water in the pan below would make the soy wax melt gradually. You need to keep the solid wax in water until it gets to the required temperature you need.


In both cases, it is essential that you keep an eye on the wax and don’t forget it while it is melting. Besides, if you want to make candles with kids, ensure that you don’t let the kids do the melting part of the candle as it can be dangerous and cause skin burns.

How to use the Soy Wax?

Once you have melted the soy wax, you can continue with the recipe that you have been following. Best of luck! We look forward to hearing about your candles. 

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