Best Candles for Men (Top 8 Picks ONLY)

best candles for men

Are you looking for the best candles for men? We did some in-depth voting from our current customers and here are the top 8 best scents for men.

It’s been more than a year since the pandemic. We have been on house arrest and grounded in our homes. Because of that we are spending much more time in our homes than usual. Now having a relaxing space in your house is paramount, something that is warm and welcoming. We may have underestimated the power of having a fragrant smell in our home. Keeping in mind that; we spend the majority of our time inside so we need to make sure that our house smells amazing with scented candles. 

We all know about fruity-floral scent-bombs that create a special feeling. However, men's candles are much more than floral bombs. The world of candles has progressed, and there are various candles; based on your days, mood, feelings, seasons, etc. There are endless options to choose from, from masculine to feminine. Yes, you can choose from; spicy, smokey, sultry fragrances that can create a masculine vibe in your home; with attractive and appealing packaging too. 

The smells of your house speak for the man you want to be; you can either be on the musky, woody side or fresher floral. However, you can choose from various candles, below is our favorite scented candles for men.

  • Whiskey:
  • We are all exhausted with our robotic routines due to the pandemic. Moreover, the work-load and pressure has also increased. You can get a hint of the notes from the name by the candle. Whiskey candles will help in lifting a man’s mood after a long and tiring day at work. If you work from home, try lighting this candle in another room, where you sleep or relax after work. The whiskey candle will give you a feeling of diving into a bottle of rye. The high notes of whiskey and middle notes of citrus and oak, and ending notes of Tonka and sandalwood will make you feel refreshed and energized. 

  • Driftwood
  • Who doesn’t love the fragrant smell of vanilla? You may be a strong-gentleman with strong emotions, but you do have a soft-corner for vanilla deep-down. However, a driftwood candle is not just about vanilla and it's sweet smell. The combination of classic vanilla and rich amber with the ending notes of sandalwood and musk is all you need to convey your mixed emotion. When in doubt, light driftwood. Moreover, we would recommend using this men’s candle in the bedroom or bathroom; this may serve as a mood changer while taking a hot shower. 

  • Espresso:
  • There is nothing like the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans. The aroma of coffee can refresh your mood and put a smile on your face. However, we would recommend that you light this men’s candle while you are cooking in the kitchen. Made from 100% undyed soy and double wood wick, espresso scented with soy wax that provides a consistent burn with the fragrance of a ‘ busy coffee cafe,’ surrounded with sweet notes of hot chocolate and a dash of cinnamon. Also, it can last up to 50-60 hours, 3 hours per session.

  • Blue Pine:
  • You must have heard about Pinus Wallichiana, commonly known as ‘Himalayan white pine or Bhutan pine. Dr. Nathaniel Wallich first introduced seeds of Bhutan pine to England in 1827. Since 1827, blue pine has been used as a stress-buster as well. We would highly recommend you to use this men’s candle in the study-room. You can also light this soy wax candle in the area where you spend most of your day thinking about your future and life. The high-notes of citrus will help extract the positive vibes from the room, the middle notes of cedarwood will lighten up your mood, and the ending notes of pine will give you a fresh outlook to your day. 

  • Black Forest:
  • Do you feel depressed while thinking about the global situation and happenings? Are you worried and concerned about what will happen next? Whatever happens next, we need to make sure that we are optimistic and transparent with our thoughts. Black forest men’s candle will surely distract you from the depressing situations. An incredibly refreshing scent that can help you in realigning your relations with nature.

  • Fireside:
  • We miss the late-night bonfires by the beach, do you miss it too? Bonfires are pure and refreshing; if you miss the fire sessions as much as we do, get the fireside candle scent. The recreational and comfortable scent will give you a reason to escape from the negativity and fatigue in the present world today. Without leaving your house, you can enjoy the feeling of a beach, wood, coals, and winds. The high notes of smoke and wood, mixed with the middle notes of clove and amber, will leave you mesmerized. Along With a hint of patchouli, you will indeed have the best time of your life. 

  • Dark woods:
  • Spindly trees, enchanted forests, and eerie shadows remind us of fairy tales. Wandering the paths and getting lost in the woods; do you also want to stumble into a gingerbread house? If you want to feel like you're in a magical forest, get the dark woods scented men’s candle that will give you a relaxing earthy fragrance. The fresh woody scent will leave you enchanted, and you will not think about anything else; except for the witches and woods. 

  • Oakmoss:
  • Can't go out in the city to explore the serene and empty roads? We are giving you an option to achieve the same feeling without spending money on fuel. Our oakmoss candle will provide you plant-like feels, not in the forest but at home. With the combination of amber and herbs, you can get the alternative of the enchanting and quiet forest life.