How to make Pinecone Candle Holders?

Getting your candles in a glass container isn’t an innovative way of decorating your home. So, if you are looking for an exciting way to keep your scented candles, you can choose the pinecone candle holders. They don’t only look beautiful but can also complement the scent of your candles in some cases.

Finding a pinecone candle holder from the market could be an option you can exercise, but you might want to try your own skills and see how good you are at crafts. Want to do that? Let’s start:

The process:

Here are the steps you’ll have to follow to get your pine cone holders right.

  1. Select the right cones or creating the holders. They should ideally be at least 3 inches in length and must have a wide base.
  2. Create a flat surface at the top of your pining cones by cutting the top 2cms using pruning shears. Cut the edges to make sure it sets properly on the horizontal surface.
  3. Color your pinecones in any shade you like or the one that matches your décor. But if you want to keep it in natural form, you can do so by applying the marine varnish.
  4. Now use your pruning cans in a soda can to cut ½ cm circular section from the bottom. Smoothen the edges with the sandpaper. Be very careful in this step, as the edges can be very sharp and can cause severe bruises.
  5. Use glue to fix the circular bottom on the top of the pinecone. Let it stay there for proper fixing for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Put your candle at the top of it, and your pinecone candle holder is ready.

Wasn’t it easy and fun? Why don’t you create one for each of your rooms?

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