How much Essential Oil for a Candle?

Most of the guides relevant to making candles explain the use of fragrance oil.

We understand it could be frustrating if you have been looking for the exact requirements for essential oil usage. In this article, Our focus will be on discussing soy wax candle-making at home using essential oil.

What’s the difference between essential oil and fragrance oil?

Both essential and fragrance oil are used for fragrance. Here is the difference between the two oils.

Fragrance oils are synthetic oils to provide aroma. They are available in economical pricing and are required in small quantities to get the scent.

Opposite to fragrance oils, essential oils are natural and often extracted from plants. Being natural makes them beneficial for health but at the same time makes them expensive too. Besides, they are required in large quantities to smell the fragrance they are carrying.

The Conclusion: Fragrance oil might provide value for money, but essential oils have their health benefits associated with them.

How much essential oil for a candle?

If you have decided to get the health benefits by lighting your essential oil-made scented candle, then you’ll need a rough estimate of the amount of these oils to be used for creating the right scent.

In a pound of beeswax, you need 100 drops of essential oil to get the perfect smell.

Are you wondering how to count 100 drops? Let us make this calculation easier for you by stating that each ml contains around 20 drops of essential oils.

So, roughly, you’ll need 5 ml of essential oil in one pound of beeswax

But what if you are using soy wax for creating your candles?

You can go with the same calculation, but the scent you should expect should be mild. If you want strong scented candles, you’ll have to add even more quantity of your favourite oil.

Summing up:

Getting the right quantity for the first time could be difficult. So you can keep on experimenting and find the accurate one depending on your taste.

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