How can I make my Soy Candles Smell Stronger?

Do you make perfect soy wax candles at home now? Wow! That is a fantastic achievement. But you still aren’t satisfied with the aroma that comes out of your candles? The most probable reason could be the use of lesser fragrance oil in your recipe. However, if that is not the case, or you want even stronger smelling candles, we are sharing a few tips to help you to resolve your problem.

Measure Appropriately:

You might be assuming that your cup or spoon is accurate enough to help you achieve the desired scent in your candles. Unfortunately, in most cases, this isn’t true. Your measuring utensil is not a good tool for measurement, so use a measuring scale.

Add the fragrance oil at the right temperature:

You must add fragrance oil to the wax at 185 degrees Fahrenheit because this is the right temperature when both these products would bind together. If you won’t maintain the optimal temperature, there is a higher chance that the fragrance oil won’t mix, and the result won’t be according to your requirements.

Cure the candles well:

Curing is the process of cooling the candles when they have attained the right shape. If you test burn the candles just after they get in shape, you won’t find the right scent in your candles. The right curing time for natural wax candles is 1-2 weeks. So, you might need to wait a long to see your candle working.

Keep the size of the room in mind:

If you are preparing the scented candles for yourself, keep the size of your room in mind. If you want to burn the candle for a room with a large area, you should go for a bigger container. It will emit more smell that will fill the entire area. However, if you’ll choose the small container, you’ll feel that the candle's scent is not strong enough.

Keep the size of the wick normal:

The size of the wick can also affect the scent throw of the candle. So be sure to keep the wick size medium; neither too long nor too short.

We hope that these tips will help in making the soy candles smell stronger.

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