Do scented Candles Really Work?

Have you been seeing a lot of advertisements regarding the scented candles everywhere? Like every other person, are you wondering if these candles are strong enough to make the difference or not? Well, you are right to think this way because your previous experience with the scented candles might not be very fruitful.

This could be because of the low ratio of fragrance oil used, lower quality of essence, or other problems at the time of manufacturing. They can impact the real aroma that should be part of these perfumed candles. In some cases, over the advertising of the scent might ruin your expectations too.

But scented candles are a reality, and they can transform the entire aura of your room. You need to choose them wisely.

Tips to get the most out of your perfumed candles:

You can use these tips for getting the most benefits from your scented candles.

Size of the room:

Do not expect a small candle to make your large room smell beautiful. This isn’t possible. You should choose the right size of candle for the room. As a rule of thumb, an 8 oz candle can work well in a 10 square feet area. So, if your room is large, choose accordingly.

Use different scents in different rooms:

When you use different scents in different rooms, it will make the aroma more noticeable. However, you’ll have to keep the doors closed to ensure that you don’t get a mixture of smells in your home.

Candles should be far from the vents:

Placing the candle just by the window will not let you feel the real scent as the breeze will drive it all away. You can put your perfumed candle at a place where the fragrance won’t be driven out. However, if you have closed windows, you can place them by the windows side; use them as decoration and an aroma source.

Use of cotton wicks:

Using cotton wicks in the candle can diffuse the scent in a better and evenly manner. If you are buying the scented candle or making your own, don’t forget to find the wick's material. It will create a significant impact on the scent you smell.

With these tips, you can enhance the aroma of your scented candles and enjoy them for a long time.  

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