Best Scented Candle Brands (Top 6 Picks)

Are you looking for the best scented Candle Brands in the US? Here are the top 6 picks based on the customer reviews.

Life during and after a pandemic is indeed stressful; we are all surrounded by negative thoughts. It is not at all easy to maintain sanity without losing it all. But, have you ever thought about changing your mood and emotions—naturally? You do not need a specific reason to light a candle but one great reason is that they can bring absolute warmth and comfort to your home with a scented candle. 

Also, did you know; you can pick a scented candle based on your mood and emotions. Returning home from a stressful day at work, a soothing scented candle can make everything better and brighter. Pamper yourself with candle therapy, a fragrance that can help you relax and extract the positive vibes from the environment. 

If you are about to explore the market for some new candles to add to your nightstand, or if you have recently stepped into the world of candles, we have gathered all the best-scented candle brands under one umbrella. Do not waste your time searching for a winner. Let’s make your bathroom and bedroom smell like a spa! ‘Sniff The Pleasure’ 


  • Wax and Wick:
  • The first best-scented candle brand on our list is Wax and Wick. The apparent reason for Wax and Wick topping the table is, “Say goodbye to Soot.” We came up with candle making; only because of this sole reason. We wanted no residue candles, as the candles we were using were damaging our walls. The best part about Wax and Wick is; soy wax and wood wicks. Candles made from soy wax are safe and are also a natural alternative to paraffin and beeswax. Moreover, it’s biodegradable. You must add our classic addition to your home decor, as it burns clean and does not disturb the air quality. 


  • Yankee Candles:
  • Who does not know about Yankee Candles? Almost everyone loves them. Their seasoned candles: Christmas cookies, Mistletoe, North Pole, and White Fir are among the best selling candles of the winter season. The best part about Yankee candles is the burning time and quality of the jars. You can even light Yankee’s candles in a basement or den; the fragrance can quickly surround the larger areas and rooms. 


  • Glade:
  • If you are looking for some; fresh, fruity, floral, blossom fragrances—Glade is a good option. The candles' lasting power is extremely attractive; the candle lasts about 14 hours, despite the size. It burns real slow and fills the room with equal fragrances. Also, you can get a matching air-freshener to create a balance of smell in the room. 


  • Bath and Body Works:
  • A noticeable scent, high-intensity, and fancy jars; if you are looking for these qualities—bath and body works will come to the rescue. The candles by BBW are nice, clean, and fresh. You can either go for a woodsy/masculine variant, or you can also get fresh, floral, or mahogany. Also, they have three-wick candles too. One candle by BBW can make your entire house smell heavenly.


  • Voluspa:
  • Lovely decorative candle jars and impressive scents; Voluspa is definitely a good brand of scented candles. They have a variety of candles; you can get hundreds of different fragrances under one brand. The chic and fancy packaging looks exceptionally appealing. Champagne, vanilla, and barrel oak scented candles are the most loved candles by Voluspa.


  • Manly Indulgence:
  • With the notes of peppermint, black pine, musk, and vanilla, Manly Indulgence knows how to make the best soy-blend candles. They have candles made out of wooden wick and fragrances that can blend and resemble fresh forest air.

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