How to Get Candle Wax out of Clothes?

Have your favorite clothes been spoiled with the melted wax? And you are thinking of discarding them with a heavy heart? Wait! You still have a chance to restore them in perfect condition.

How? By getting the candle wax out of your clothes! To find the ways to get the candle wax out of your clothes, you’ll have to read this guide fully.

Important things to consider:

Wax removal from clothes is not challenging, but you have to do things smartly. So you can keep your clothes in the perfect shape and condition. Here are a few tips that can help:

Application of multiple methods:

Not every wax stain is alike. It means you might have to apply more than one technique for stain removal. So keep it in mind and start with any of the solutions from this article. But if it doesn’t work, you can go for the other solutions.

Need for the detergents and wax removing solution:

You might require some detergents and wax-removing solutions to get your entire job done. Managing the stain without any help wouldn’t be possible.

Small vs. Big Stains:

To remove the small wax stains, the process is a bit simpler, whereas the big stains might require your additional effort. So, you must keep that in consideration.

Act quickly:

Another important tip here is to act as quickly as you could because you wouldn’t like to make your stain worse. So, acting quickly will enhance your chances that you can save your favorite shirt.

Test the small area:

You can test the small area first before applying any solutions on your cloth, especially if it isn’t the rough cloth. It is essential to perform this step and wait for the stain to dry to check if it laves any impact on your cloth.

However, if you are only testing the solutions on rough cloth, you can use your stain removal solutions and tricks on the entire area.

Techniques for getting the wax out of clothes:

Here are a few techniques you can implement to get the wax out of your clothes.

Use of vegetable oil:

You can utilize a drop of vegetable oil to remove the candle wax stain from the fabric. Put a drop of oil on the area with a stain. Rub it properly, and you’ll see the bits of the candle out of your clothes.

But you’ll see the oil on the cloth. Dry it using a paper towel and put your clothes in the laundry. Once you’ll take them out after washing, you’ll have the clean clothes in place.

Freezing temperatures can be a solution:

If you have the candle wax on your clothes or tablecloth, you can put it in the freezer or rub the ice on the stain. The use of ice will make the wax brittle, so you can snap it off from the cloth directly.

This practice might not remove the stains completely, so you can tie the affected path with the rubber bands and pour the boiling water over it to melt the wax.

Put your tablecloth in the laundry, and you’ll see the impact.

You can use hot irons:

After scraping the solid wax from a scraped knife, you can put the paper bags or paper towels over the stain. Place the iron with low temperature on the stain, and move it back and forth till the paper stops absorbing any more wax.

You can replace the paper as many times as you want till the wax is completely absorbed. If any stain is still left, you can use the spot lift.

Utilize Stain-release Liquid:

You can pre-treat your cloth using the stain-release liquid. We won’t recommend any specific brand, but you can find a mix between the performance and price.

Make your own stain removal solution:

If you don’t want to buy a branded stain removal solution, you can create your own at home. Put some white vinegar or lemon juice in the Luke warm water, and you’ll have your own stain removal solution ready.

Spread it over the stain and rub it continuously. You’ll be able to remove your wax stain and get your cloth just like the new one.

The scraping method is here too:

If none of the above methods works on your fabric, you can utilize the traditional scraping method. In this method, you can let the wax harden fully before applying these methods.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Let the wax harden completely.
  2. Once done, get rid of the big chunk. Now, you’ll be left with some residue of wax.
  3. Grab an object with a hard edge.
  4. Scrape the residual wax.
  5. Don’t press it too hard, or it might impact your clothes significantly.
  6. Hopefully, you’ll get rid of the wax stains.

Summing Up:

Using all these methods, you can expect to recover your clothes from the wax stains and keep them new for your next wax ventures.

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