Discontinuing Clear Jars / Focusing on New Glass

 Focusing on New Glass

Wax & Wick started as an attempt to private label some other guys candles. In the Spring of 2015 we received samples of soy candles that were hyped up to be the best candles in America. The samples fell short and the price to do business with this particular company didn't seem to provide any value or satisfaction for us. 

We had to learn how to make our own candles. The process for learning the art of candlemaking came with a huge learning curve. Countless hours of practice pours, fragrance load, curing times, etc. All of these pieces came together slowly but surely.  

The jars they used looked okay but were hardly anything unique or marketable. They had slight advantages over every other kind of jar we looked at. They we're available and looked better and were available locally. We can't be mad at them, they helped us start our company. Without those clear jars we would still be figuring out how to use someone else's product.

The clear jars were a stepping stone and a great medium to deliver our real scents with our double wood wicks. Unfortunately, we have outgrown them. Our brand has changed significantly since the first days of mixing scents in my kitchen, to upgrading our pour pots, testing damn near every fragrance oil available, and moving into a bigger facility to help us keep up with demand. This post isn't to sever the tie with clear, just wish it well as we phase it out in favor of our new black and white jars. 

One day we will find the perfect clear jar - or we will just continue using our beautiful new black and white jars. We always use 100% soy wax, FSC-certified wood wicks, and phthalate free fragrance oil to make sure our candle is the safest candle available. Made in the USA!