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The link between smell and emotions is very real - certain smells can bring back memories, influence moods, and affect work performance. We take our scents seriously and have curated the best fragrance oils to pair with our 100% soy wax to create the finest candles made in the U.S.A. Reap the benefits of our painstaking attention to detail, small batch pours, and love of candles. 

Each candle is hand-poured, slowly and carefully, to ensure that it is unique while adhering to strict standards. We combine our hand selected scents with soy wax and a natural wood wick to create the ultimate olfactory, visual, and aural candle experience. 

The familiar crackle of a wood fire pairs well with slow-burning soy wax creating a candle that will typically burn up to twice as long as a similarly sized paraffin wax alternative. We urge you to try our candles and if you're unsatisfied or believe that any other candle compares to ours we will send you a second candle, free of charge. 

Wax and Wick has the best luxury scented candles in the world. Browse our unique selection of quality scented candles, best scented jar candles, scented soy candles and designer candles.  At Wax and Wick, you will find the best richly scented candles around.  All of our candles are made in micro batches in the USA.  Experience the best candles in the world. Find out why we are one of the best scented candle stores in the USA!  We will do our best to meet all your candle needs.

Enjoy our candles for a maximum of three hours, making sure to let the wax pool completely around the wood wick for the best performance. 

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