What happens If you Eat Candle Wax?

What happens if you eat candle wax? You might be in a panic right now if you have eaten the candle wax mistakenly or if your child has bitten the scented candle considering it amusing.

You don’t have to be afraid of the quantity of candle wax you have consumed in minimal. It wouldn’t create any problems for you or your kids.

But what if you have eaten it in larger quantities?

In case you have consumed the wax in larger quantities, then these ingredients can be problematic:

Fragrance or dye ingredients:

The fragrance and colors in the candle wax aren’t suitable for eating. Consuming any such thing can create allergy reactions in your body. In minute quantities, it might not harm much. But consuming it in significant quantities can activate allergies.


Paraffin wax can be problematic for your digestive system. In serious cases, it can result in the obstruction of the intestine, and you would have to visit the doctor to manage your condition. For sensitive people, the ingestion of candle wax even in minute quantities can lead to wax poisoning. You can determine it through its symptoms.

Vomiting and Stomach and abdominal pain followed by wax ingestion should be enough to tell you that you suffer from such poisoning. You must visit the doctor immediately.

Natural wax candles:

In case you have eaten a natural wax candle, it wouldn’t be as harmful as the paraffin wax candle because of the organic ingredients present. However, the dyes and scents can still be problematic. So you must not lower your guard even if you are dealing with the ingestion of natural wax candles.

What to do in case of ingestion?

In smaller quantities:

When there is no physical side effect of the ingestion, you can clean the mouth with a soft wet cloth and drink water. Doing so will nullify the impact of candle wax.

In larger quantities:

If you have ingested the wax in large quantities, visit your doctor immediately. Inform them about the wax intake with the other possible details to help them find a solution.

Summing up:

Consuming minor quantities of wax must not frighten you as your system can automatically remove it. But if you are allergic to dyes & scents or have eaten a lot of wax, you must visit a doctor immediately.