How to Seal a Jar with Candle Wax?

Whether it is your favorite food item you want to carry while traveling or a product you want to put aside for later use? Storing it in a jar and sealing it with candle wax is one of the best ways through which you can manage it without facing any problems.

It leads you to the question, "how to seal a jar with candle wax?" You’ll find an answer to this question here in this article.

Things you’ll need to seal the jar

  • Glass jar
  • Paraffin wax
  • Spoon
  • Double boiler


  1. Fill the glass jar with the item you want to store. Leave an inch of the space from the top as it will be essential for sealing purposes.
  2. Melt the paraffin wax using the double boiler method. Do not overheat it. The temperature must be lower than 375 degrees.
  3. Start applying the wax to the jar’s brim.
  4. When it is still hot, place the lid on the top of the jar and screw it to fix it properly.
  5. Once the wax starts cooling down, it will seal the jar.

Summing up:

The process of selling the jar with candle wax is simple. However, there are more advanced sealing techniques available. So wax sealing is not amongst the most-used methods.

Besides, you cannot store items using this technique in the long term. However, it can work as a short-term storing technique.  So, use it and enjoy your favorite food whenever you want.