How to Get Candle Wax Off Concrete?

Well-maintained concrete patios look lovely. Usually, regular cleaning can maintain the original aura of the driveway. But if you have spilled things like wax, then normal cleaning might not be enough to manage your cleaning spree.

So, how can you get the candle wax off concrete? This article addresses these questions and shares a few ways to help you manage a great look.

Method 1 - Scrap the wax:

  1. Concrete is a surface where scarping wouldn’t be dangerous at all. You can take any sharp tool or object and scrape the wax spill.
  2. It will take a couple of minutes and a bit of your energy, but the entire wax spot will be gone. 
  3. You can scrub the surface with soap and water, and you’ll have a clean patio.

Method 2 - Use Iron:

In case, the above method does not yield significant results or if you don’t want to use the scraper, then here’s the other one. 

  1. Put the old newspaper at the spot of wax spillage. 
  2. Connect your iron to the plug. 
  3. Place the iron over the newspaper and move it around for a minute or so. You’ll see the newspaper absorbing the wax.
  4. Continue the practice for as long as the entire wax isn’t out of the concrete patio.

Method 3 - Poultices Mixture

If you aren’t satisfied with the above two methods, here is the third one. 

  1. Take the baking powder or a laundry detergent and mix it with water. The best way is to pour it at the spot of wax spillage. Put a few drops of water and spread it with a rag.
  2. When the mixture covers the entire spot, you can put the plastic sheeting over this mixture and stick the plastic sheet with the tape. It will help in keeping the plastic attached to the mixture. 
  3. Once the mixture is fully dried, remove the plastic. Clean the area by vacuuming. You can use scrub and water if required for residue cleaning. 

Summing up:

With these three methods, you can get rid of the wax and its stain altogether to get the clean concrete patio back.