What Temperature does Candle wax Melt?

If you are into DIY Candle making, you must be looking for the temperature at which the candle wax melts? You can end your search here as you’ll find an answer to this question in this article.

Temperature Range:

The temperature range that you should expect for melting your candle wax is between 75°F and 180°F. However, the type of wax your candle has will determine the exact temperature range. Besides, the impurities in the particular wax batch can also impact the temperature. 

Different wax types and their boiling point:

To give you a rough idea about each wax type and its melting points, we’ll share a few of them with you here in this section:


If you are buying general candles from the store, there is a high chance that you’ll get the paraffin variety. In that case, you should expect the melting point of the candles to be in the range of 122 to 158 F, while 392 and 464 F is the flashpoint for the paraffin wax.

Soy wax:

The natural candles made of soy can have a melting point of 120 and 180 F. You might get these candles or the wax within the natural or organic candles category. The flashpoint of this specific wax type is close to 450 F. But for safety purposes, you must read the candle wax label.


Another naturally occurring substance that can work as candle wax is bee wax. It melts in the temperature range of 143 and 151 F. Being non-toxic wax, using it in candles is safe and can bring in a lot of benefits. 

Coconut wax:

Not very prominent, but one of the available natural options for candle wax is coconut wax. Its melting point is in the temperature range of between 75 and 100 F. Not only is the melting point of this wax is lowest in comparison to the other wax types. But its flashpoint is also the least, i.e., 350 F. You must be very careful while working with it. 

Summing up:

These melting points are just the average results. The level of impurities and the presence of other substances can impact the temperature range at which the wax melts.