How to Remove Candle Wax from Wood?

Have you spilled your candle wax on wood? You must be fretting that your wooden table or floor has been destroyed. But don’t worry. You can remove the candle wax from the wooden surface with great ease,

This article shares different methods you can utilize to get your clean wood back.

Let it cool:

The easiest and the quickest method to clean wax from the wood is to let it cool. Once your wax cools down, it will be easier to scrap it off. Be sure to use a gentle material for scrapping, or you might destroy your wooden surface.

The process above will remove the main chunk of wax, but substantial wax might be left. So, to remove these pieces, you can either use a hairdryer or ice cubes. We have discussed these methods separately in the upcoming sections of this article.

Use Hairdryer:

Using a hair dryer will soften the wax. Once it melts, you can use a cloth to remove any visible spots or residue from your wooden table, floor, or other wooden items.

Use clothing iron:

The clothing iron can also help you in removing the wax. Adjust your iron to the non-steam mode. Lay a few paper towels over the wax spots. Put the hot iron over these towels for 5 seconds; repeat the process with intervals.

The iron will melt the wax, allowing it to absorb into the paper towels. Keep repeating until all the wax gets absorbed. Clean the area with a clean cloth and your furniture will be back to its original position.

Use Ice:

The use of ice will make the wax brittle, and you can scrape it easily. Place the ice-covered in a towel on the area where you have spilled the wax. Let the ice stay there till the wax freezes. Once done, you can scrape the wax off.

Use wax removal products:

Another option you have is to use wax removal products. You can find many of them in the market. However, these products are good for minor wax spills. They won’t work on the major wax spillage spots.

Summing up:

Selecting any of the above methods for scraping off the wax can bring your wooden surfaces back to their original condition. You can choose the one that suits you.