How to Remove Candle Wax from Glass?

Have you put your candle on the glass table, and it has left a mark? You must be worried about your glass, is that so? But you don’t have to worry, as we’ll share the complete guide to remove the candle wax from glass.

Different methods for removing candle wax from glass:

Below are the main techniques to remove candle wax from glass:

Method 1 - Hot water method:

  1. Take a sponge and soak it in hot water.
  2. Wipe the area where candle wax is spilled with the sponge. It will moisten the area. You can even pour some hot water over the particular area.
  3. Using the sponge, keep on wiping the candle wax. Use gentle strokes. If it doesn’t work, then you might use a razor or a scraper. But be gentle in using these tools as by being harsh you might end up putting scratches on the glass plate.
  4. Use a clean but moist cloth to clear off any wax remnants.

Method 2 – Glass Cleaner Method:

  1. The glass cleaner method requires the use of specialized glass cleaning agents.
  2. Spray or apply the product on the glass plate with candle wax.
  3. Once the wax loosens, clean this wax with a paper towel.
  4. You might not be able to clean the wax completely in the first attempt. So, you’ll have to remove the process again.
  5. Once done, wash the plate, cleaning the residue entirely.
  6. Use a clean cloth to dry the glass plate or shelf.

Method 3 – Hair Dryer Method:

  1. Use the hairdryer to melt the wax on the glass container. It might take a few minutes of hot air for melting purposes.
  2. Clean the melted wax using a paper towel.
  3. If not all the wax spots are removed, you can repeat the process.
  4. Use a damp cloth to wipe the glass shelf or plate.

Summing up:

This article contains different methods to clean the wax from the glass container. You can utilize one of these methods to make your glass shine again.