How to Read Candle Wax?

Do you know about the tea leaves reading? It is done to find more about your personality and answers to the specific questions. As the tea leaves read, candle wax reading is also a technique to get help from spiritual sources. You can find a solution to the problems that have been vexing you.

In this article, we’ll help you set up the complete scenario for reading candle wax, along with the interpretation of a few prominent candle wax drippings.

So, let’s start with the important things you’ll require for this purpose.

Things you’ll need:

  • Candle
  • Drinking water
  • Scrying bowl/shallow dish
  • Paper

Process to follow:

  • Gather all these products and write down your question on paper.
  • Meditate a bit to bring all your energy to the question under consideration.
  • Fill in the scrying dish or other container with water. Keep this filled dish in front of you. You can choose to sit wherever you feel comfortable.
  • Now use a match stick to light the candle. Hold it over the water. Do not make any attempt for the wax to blend with the water. Be careful with the movement of the bowl or the water in it.
  • Keep the candle over water for a few minutes, then blow it and put it aside.
  • Now observe the candle wax drippings formed in the water. The analysis of the shape of these drippings is important as they’ll give you an answer to your question. You might observe animals, objects, and numbers. Use the notepad to note all these findings and let your thoughts wander to reflect upon different meanings of the objects you see from the wax drippings.

This is the complete process of candle wax reading. You must be experienced in it to find the answers to particular problems. As a newbie, you can try, but you must not keep your hopes regarding the absolute answer very high.

Interpretation of candle wax drippings:

If you see the clockwise dripping of the wax during its burning, it usually means that your practice had been successful and what you had been wishing for will come true.

Similarly, the anti-clockwise candle flow means that things have been moving away from you. The cascade flow highlights that a change is about to occur. So if a change is something you require, then it is positive; otherwise, it is something negative.

If you find the numbers in the drippings, it can indicate days, weeks, or years. Similarly, if you see letters, they can indicate the name of a person or place.

But in the end, all of this interpretation is guesswork. The more you get into this candle wax reading, the more deeply you can learn and apply the art.

Summing up:

Candle wax reading could be an interesting way to know more about the upcoming events and your personality. However, you’ll need to practice it a lot to get things right.