How to Melt Candle Wax in the Microwave?

Although there are a few other methods of melting the candle wax. But if you find it easier to use the microwave for this purpose, it is possible and one of the widely used options you have.

Many of you might know about the exact procedure you should adopt for using a microwave for melting wax. This article explains it all.

Process of melting wax in the microwave:

Here’s the complete process:

Step 1: Find a microwave-safe bowl to put in the candle wax.

Step 2: Put the glass bowl jar in the oven for one minute at a time.

Step 3: Check the temperature of the wax. If it is below 80 degrees centigrade, put it back in the oven and heat it again for one minute.

Step 4: Repeat step till you get to 80-degree temperature.

Step 5: Remove the bowl from the oven and place it on an even surface. Don’t touch the bowl or wax directly; it will be hot.

Step 6: You have your candle wax melted. But if you need to add fragrance and dyes for candle making, wait for the temperature to drop to 70 degrees before you mix the colors and the essential oils.

Summing up:

Melting wax in a microwave is simple. But you have to be around the oven while doing so to avoid any accidents.