How to Get Candle Wax out of Jeans?

Jeans can withstand all kinds of stains. But when it is about brand new jeans, you must be worried about the wax spilling over them, is it? We have a quick solution to remove the wax out of jeans in a few minutes. So, let's have a look at this miraculous procedure.

Procedure for removing candle wax from jeans:

  1. Put a paper bag on the spot where you want to remove the wax.
  2. Place the hot iron (set the maximum temperature considering the cloth material) on the paper bag. Move it gently (just like you iron clothes). It will melt the wax and let the paper bag on top absorb the wax.
  3. Once the paper is filled with wax, move it to a cleaner spot or change the paper (as necessary) till you get the entire wax out of your jeans.
  4. For any remaining residue on the jeans, use laundry soap and scrub that particular part.
  5. Now put your jeans in the washing machine and let the machine wash any bit of the wax residue (if left).
  6. Dry your pants and enjoy wearing the clean wax-free jeans again.

Summing up:

This was the simple process of taking the candle wax out of jeans. Follow it precisely, and you’ll get your beautiful-looking jeans back.