How to Get Candle Wax out of a Blanket?

Have you spilled the candle wax on your blanket mistakenly? We can understand the frustration and eww feeling that you must be going through at the moment.

But you don’t have to stick with this feeling for long as we have a trick that can help you get the wax out of your blanket. Great news, right? So, let’s see what it actually is:

Process to remove the candle wax out of a blanket:

  1. Spread the blanket on a table or any other hard surface.

  2. Pull out the hardened wax gently (as much as easily possible; don’t overdo it)

  3. Use an icepack to harden the wax on the blanket. Put the ice cubes within the ice pack on the affected surface.

  4. Use a dull knife to escape the wax off. It will remove a significant portion of wax.

  5. For the rest, lay a brown paper bag underneath the affected part of the blanket.

  6. Use a hairdryer to melt the wax. Keep moving the hairdryer to avoid any damage to the blanket.

  7. Once the wax starts melting, you can place another brow bag over it. The two bags below and over it will absorb all the wax.

  8. Moisten a cloth and dab the affected area to remove any residue.

  9. Wash your blanket with a detergent, and you’ll have a new-like blanket.