How to get Candle Wax Off the TV Screen?

Having wax on the TV Screen is a bit out of the way. But with kids around, you can always expect such weird things. So, if the candle wax has spilled on your TV Screen, how can you remove it without causing any damage to it?

The answer is simple. You can adapt the method discussed in this article. But before we proceed to the actual process, let us remind you that you should not use any sharp object on the screen as it can cause significant damage. Similarly, going rigorous on your screen is not an option either. So, stick with the method below to get the best results without any damage.

Procedure to get candle wax off TV screen:

Here’s the process to get the wax candle off your TV Screen.

  1. Use a rubber spatula (you’ll find it in your kitchen) to remove the large chunks of wax.
  2. Mix hot water with a few drops of a dishwasher. Put this mixture in a bowl.
  3. Use a cloth or sponge; dip it in this mixture. Squeeze all the water out of it.
  4. Rub this sponge on the screen at the spot where you see the wax residue. Do it carefully, as you must not expose your screen to extra pressure.
  5. Dip it in the soapy mixture again and rub the screen gently.
  6. Continue doing it till you get the clean screen. It will take a few minutes, but you’ll get one for sure.
  7. Wipe the entire screen with a clean, dry cloth and enjoy.

Summing up:

Wasn’t the procedure of removing wax off the TV screen simple? You can use it on all types of screens and glass surfaces without any problems.