How to Dye Candle Wax? (Different Ways)

Do you see multiple colors in the scented candles in the market? Are you wondering how can you get the beautiful dye at home? This article explains it all.

There are different methods of candle dying. A few of them give fully streamlined color, while the others might not be perfect. Here are the methods you can explore:

Using Crayons:

You’ll find multiple guides related to the use of crayons for dying the candle wax. However, this method of dying won’t remain organic. The powder insoluble oxides and pigment give colors to crayons. 

When used with the wax, they can clog the candlewick, leading to improper burning of your candle. Besides, the fumes created because of burning will be dangerous upon exhale.

Using Food Color:

One of the other methods to color the candle wax is using food color. You can try it, but the problem with food color is that it contains alcohol, water, corn syrup, citric acid, glycerin, and other similar ingredients. All these compounds won’t bond with the candle wax. So, you won’t be able to create a uniform texture.

Your food color will probably sink to the bottom. So, be mindful of this con that might arise during the process.

Using Candle DYE Blocks:

One of the effective options to color the candle wax is using dye blocks. These dye blocks are available in different colors and shades, allowing you to select your color based on your liking.

Melt your candle wax. Once you turn off the heat, add the dye block and stir vigorously. You’ll be able to get a smooth mixture of wax and dye.

To lighten the shade, you can use the white dye blocks. To darken it further, you can add the same color dye blocks to it.

Using Candle-liquid DYE:

This liquid dye is specifically for dying candles. It is the concentrated oil, which requires only 2-3 drops for proper coloring.

These liquids are available in primary colors. You can mix them to create whatever color you like.

Using the liquid is simple. Melt the desired amount of wax in a container. Once you have turned off the heat, add a few drops of candle-liquid dye to it. Keep stirring until it melts.

Using Candle DYE Chips:

These chips are specifically made of wax. They are saturated and give color consistency even if you are making a small batch.

You’ll only need small quantities of the candle dye chips to create your colored candles.

Melt your wax using the double boiler method. Add .02 to .06 of dye chips per 1 pound of candle wax for the best results. The dye chips must be added once you have turned off the heat. Stir the mixture vigorously for a few minutes, and your candle wax will get into the color you want.

Summing UP:

You can adopt any of these methods to dye your candle wax perfectly. Or it would be better if you try each of these methods and then pick out your favorite.