How to Clean a Candle Wax Warmer?

Once you have melted your wax in the candle wax warmer, you must manage to get all of it out till it is hot. However, if you have left it inside for any reason and it has hardened a bit, you’ll have to put the warmer on again to melt the wax and see if you can take every bit of it out.

In most cases, this is easy.

So, let’s start:

Traditional method:

In the traditional method, you can switch on the warmer with residual wax. When the wax melts, use cotton balls to absorb most of it. To clean up the residual particles, wiping them off with a paper towel can do the trick.

Freezing method:

This method requires you to place your candle wax warmer into the freezer for 15-20 minutes. Within this time, the wax will harden, and the edges will pop out of the warmer.

Take the chunks of wax out and clean with a paper towel.

Use ribbon:

This is one of the creative ways you can utilize to remove the wax out of the warmer. All you have to do is place the ribbon in the melted wax within the warmer. Let it cool down. Once it solidifies, pull the ribbon out, and you’ll get the wax out too.

Clean with a paper towel to get a perfectly clean wax warmer.

Summing up:

Adopting any of these three methods can do the job for you. So, you can choose the one based on your convenience.