Espresso Candle

espresso candle                 espresso candle

Wake up refreshed with our perfectly scented Espresso candle. You may be used to overly fragranced paraffin poison - this espresso candle is the complete opposite of that. We use 100% soy candle wax for our American candle. All of our raw materials: Fragrance Oil, Wood Wicks, and Soy Wax are all sourced from eco-conscious American companies. 

Some things never change and some things are in dire need of serious change. The scented candle industry has been stagnant for decades. Boring jars. Dangerous zinc and cotton wicks. Dangerous chemical byproduct wax. 

Wax & Wick pairs two perfect wood wicks to create an even, clean burn for 50-60 hours. (Our wood wicks are 100% FSC-certified, in case you were curious). After our wicks are clamped and secured to the bottom of our custom jars we mix our 100% soy wax with our custom fragrance oil to create your espresso candle in small batches. 

Why bother with the big guys when you can get a perfect replica of a strong and delicious espresso! Visit our site to browse our Espresso Candle collection and while you're there check out our other amazing scented candles!