Achieving Good Hot Throw

Our painstaking research and development helped to create our perfect mixture of 100% soy wax and phthalate free fragrance oil. We ditched the dyes in favor of pure white soy wax. Sure, it will show some imperfection but a handcrafted good should be somewhat imperfect. This isn't to say that we have failed to create something that is perfect to us - just shows that even though we have spent countless hours concocting something incredible we are still human at the end of the day. 

A lot of small candle companies use the same tired designs and low grade fragrance oils. The results are a cheap to manufacture candle with a low customer satisfaction rating. The candle just doesn't hold up against the big names (even if the big brand is using paraffin wax). We source the best raw ingredients to guarantee that when you burn our candle you'll be enjoying something safe and powerful. Our candles can easily fill 600+ square feet - small rooms/offices can enjoy the benefit of our fragrances without being lit.

Light the FSC-certified wood wick from one end to the other, letting the flame do the work. Once the candle is lit the wax will begin pooling around the wick and you'll notice the fragrance begin to fill the air. The hot wax should be clear and wet without sticking to the inside of the jar. A lot of candles do not burn correctly and leave residue and soot on the inside of the jar. These candles are soy wax blends (90% paraffin/10% soy) and not 100% soy wax. 

Cheap candles are cheap due to being imported from foreign countries and sourced from manufacturers with no desire to be sustainable. Quick dollars in their eyes. We have spent the money and time to create something that we love and we love to share it with our customers. We are very happy to see smiling faces burning our candles and enjoy hearing about how our candles can easily fill a room better than any other candle on the market. 

Traditional paraffin candles are manufactured to be used and not enjoyed. They create no emotions and can unearth some hidden allergies you may not have known about previously. Sadly, paraffin candles are the accepted norm due to their availability, cheapness, and ease to manufacture. Paraffin wax accepts ultra high fragrance loads to achieve good hot throw. No effort involved. 100% soy wax requires a careful marriage to fragrance load percentage. Too high and the soy wax becomes oily and unappealing, too low and every candle will smell like artificial leather. We have found the exact measurement for perfect hot throw. Even our cold throw can compete with any big name candle company. 

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