What Made in the USA Means to Wax & Wick

Wax & Wick sources all raw materials from ethical companies in the United States of America. We have procured 100% soy wax from midwestern farmers, wood wicks from FSC-certified sustainable companies, jars, tins, and fragrances from an American company offering biodegradable and recyclable packaging with carbon neutral shipping.

We strive to support businesses that have manufacturing and distribution facilities in the U.S. Sourcing raw material may carry a higher price tag but we are confident that the quality, craftsmanship, and pride our American workforce provides is valuable to our brand and our customers. 

As we build relationships with our customers we strengthen ties with American small businesses. We pass along this same quality in our small batch manufacturing. Every step in the process is closely monitored to ensure each handcrafted candle meets our strict criteria. 

The relationship between raw goods, manufacturing, and our customers is synchronized on our website. Real fragrance, real wax, real wick, real America. Get a Wax & Wick candle delivered to your door today!

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