Using White and Black in Your Minimalist Decor

In an earlier blog post, "Minimalist Branding, Decor, and Decluttering," I wrote about how our candles won't "emasculate your space." As I reflect back on writing that I realize (WE realized) that candles don't have a gender. Why would we would eliminate an entire group of people by promoting our brand as "masculine" when a candle has no affiliation, male or female. It was our fragrances that were the REAL part of the whole. Our entire package had to be upgraded.

We found that offering up simple black and white jars with our already excellent scents would help us as a brand. The straight sided jars are just opaque enough to give the appearance of something decorative without restricting light from the FSC-certified double wood wick. 

The opacity of the jars does something for our glass that clear glass simply cannot compete with - NO visible wax residue. Our wicking process already eliminates the wax from sticking to the glass as it burns the new glass takes it one step further. The white and black jars have our simple, minimal branding on a die-cut heat resistant clear sticker. 

Our candles are still made with 100% undyed soy wax from American farmers, FSC-certified double wood wicks from American loggers, and handcrafted in the USA. Simple, elegant, straight lines will add another dimension to your decor. Try one today!

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