The Truth About Paraffin Wax and Soy Wax "Blends"

Would you fill a glass jar with gasoline and burn it in your house? How about burning a used tire indoors? Probably not. Would you let your kids, pets, and family members breathe that same toxic air? Absolutely not. 

Paraffin candles can trigger asthmatic symptoms or allergies you may have been previously unaware of. Human bodies aren't meant to ingest combustible fuel meant to power a car or petroleum byproducts. 

Candles used to (and some still might) be made using lead-cored cotton wicks - not very good for the environment or your health! Paraffin and lead soot can cause damage to your house, electronics, and just about anything you keep inside your house (including you). If you insist on using paraffin wax candles due to their low cost, trim the cotton wicks to 1/4 inch to reduce the amount of soot created. 

A lot of candle companies claim to make soy candles. Their claim may be true (to an extent) but is also to be cautioned. These soy candles are typically a soy blend. The word blend is another asterisked word - soy candle companies can use up to 90% paraffin to "blend" with only 10% soy wax. Sounds more like a paraffin wax than a soy wax to me!

Only use candles labeled or advertised with 100% soy wax clearly marked on their packaging or branding. We have several variations available here.