NO Cheesy Man Candles, NO Floral Scents, Use Our REAL Scents to Upgrade Your Space

We at Wax & Wick have discovered, through extensive research, that making a candle for a man or for a woman is a faux pas. Men are interested in REAL scents just as women are TIRED of floral scents. Our candles are made in micro-batches to perfect each candle we send to our customers. We make real scents using USA sourced 100% un-dyed soy wax, phthalate free fragrance oil, FSC-certified wood wicks, and sturdy tins and jars.

The micro-batch method used to pour our candles ensures that each candle gets an attention to detail that no other candle company can provide. Finally, there is a solution to those big box candle companies. We don't roll these off of an assembly line, each candle is an artisan creation poured in controlled batches.

You've heard of micro-batch whiskey and bourbon. Try a handcrafted, micro-batched candle to upgrade your lifestyle. 

Filling a void in an otherwise flooded market can be difficult but we've sifted through the duds and created a candle that anyone can enjoy. We take pride in our American made product. Real scents aren't just for men - step away from the paraffin wax and floral scents. Burn a Wax & Wick candle today!

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