Phthalates and Your Health

Phthalates and Your Health

Phthalate esters are mostly used to plasticize common household materials for commercial use. Some candle makers and fragrance makers use phthalates to weaken raw materials when making oils. Although it is not certain that phthalates can cause ill effects - but we feel more comfortable working with fragrance oils that are safe for human consumption. We try to find phthalate free fragrance oils for our 100% soy wax candles. 

Any candle we make that has phthalates in the fragrance will not state "phthalate free" in the description. We also use only the best 100% soy wax (no additives, mixtures, or dyes) and FSC-certified wood wicks. 

To find out more about our reason for choosing 100% soy wax please read this. Additionally, if you're interested in why we chose FSC-certified wood wicks, read this.

The CDC states that phthalates are widespread throughout the United States, our goal is to remove some of the danger from household items by creating something consumable and safe for all to use. There are laws against phthalates bring used in some items sold in the United States but none stopping candlemakers from using phthalate synthesized fragrances in their candles. We refrain from using them to protect our customers and the environment - a step further than some manufacturers are willing to go. 

Men, women, and children can all be adversely affected by phthalate use. Look at the ingredients and methods of manufacturing for all of the products you consume!

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