10 Reasons Every Guy Should Buy Candles

10 Reasons Every Guy Should Buy Candles


Man Candles


[Candles aren't just for women, in fact, they may help you keep your woman around.]

Burn our candles. You don't even have to leave your house to buy them. They show up to your door, discreetly.  Best Man Candles on the Market hands down!

1. You Don't Do Laundry Often Enough

Women can smell your dirty laundry that you've left out for the last week. You can't smell those socks you wore for 24 hours laying on the floor because you're used to the smell. Turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat with our Black Amber scented candle.

2. Your Job is Stressful

Maybe you sit behind a computer screen for nine hours or swing a hammer for eight. Our scents clear your mind. They're made from the best sourced fragrances mixed with 100% soy wax. Leave the work at work and relax at home. Check out Whiskey to calm your atmosphere. 

3. Fire is Peaceful

Fire is mesmerizing, it taps into so many senses.  A fire is unique and watching the flames dance is peaceful.  The sound of the crackling wood wick is soothing to the ears.  The distinct aroma of our candles is comforting.  Get lost in thought with our Candle Collection!

4. Spraying Air Freshener (Chemicals) in Your House is Not Healthy

And they'll destroy your television. YOUR TV. Yes, those chemicals are safe for (almost) everything in your house, except the most import things. You and your TV. The bottle tells you not to consume the spray, before we scent our wax you could eat it (But please don't). The screen on your TV is extremely sensitive and those spray-able fragrance oils will permanently damage your LED 3D 4K 1080p 5K 70" mammoth TV for which you spent a lot of money.

5. It's Good for the Brain

A good candle scent can do wonders for the mind.  Try our Blue Pine scent to find your Chi! 

6. Sometimes Smoking a Cigar Indoors Feels Good

Why not? You pay the rent/mortgage! If you choose to indulge and it's too cold outside don't let the smell get you down. Smoke a fresh cigar and clear the air with one of our woodsy scents to complement. 

7. Cheap Candles Don't do the Job

Seriously, those floral smelling, run-of-the-mill candles burn quickly and leave behind quite a bit of wax on the jars. Our candles burn at a temperature that will not only leave the jar free of wax but will also throw scent throughout a large room.

8. Candles Make it Appear as Though You Can Decorate

Our candles look great in any setting. Clean lines, nice glass, and a masculine presence could fool just about anyone into thinking you've got your life together. Fool them with our Fireside scent!

9. You Love Your Pets

And your dog loves to roll around in dirt and then track that dirt all over your couch. Clean the couch and light a Cedar + Vanilla candle to clear the air. Make sure you light one near the litter box too!

10. You Love Your Mother

Can't invite mom inside your fancy new apartment without a little accoutrement. Show her she raised a Man and not some kind of primate with our Oakmoss wood-wicked candle, available now.