Double Wood Wick vs. Single Cotton Wick

Double Wood Wick vs. Single Cotton Wick

A combination of a standard wood wick and crackling wood wick creates the "wick" part of our candle. Sourced from FSC-certified mills. Organic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, our wicks are sourced from the creator. Most companies use a single crackling wick which can burn the wax unevenly and be very loud. Our combination is quieter and burns consistently. 

Wood wicks don't ever need to be trimmed, we cut the wick to the proper size before we ship your candle. When extinguishing our wood wick you will notice very little smoke emanating from the wick. Traditional cotton wicks require trimming after each use to reduce the carbon built up at the end of the wick. Besides the carbon build up, cotton wicks are dangerous if not properly trimmed.

Wax and Wick isn't a traditional candle company. Our 100% soy wax wood wick candles are the perfect addition to the rooms of your house.

Wood Wicks

  • Crackle quietly
  • Provide even wax burning (no unusable wax rings on the sides of jars!)
  • Cater to a minimalist decor.
  • Sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Don't require trimming.
  • Never emit any harmful toxins.

Cotton Wicks

  • Burn unevenly.
  • Require trimming after each use.
  • Create soot marks when burned near walls.
  • Don't look nearly cool enough for our candles.

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