Picking The Right Scent Without Using Your Nose

You've finally decided to upgrade your lifestyle by buying one of our candles. Great. You're definitely asking yourself, "what does this handcrafted candle smell like if it looks this amazing?" 

Great question.

Our candles start in a liquid form. We use 100% soy wax paired with hand-picked fragrance oils. As the oil and wax spend time at 180 degrees they begin to combine. The melted wax accepts the fragrance oil and creates the body of our candle. Not too powerful and certainly not weak. Our candle scents can easily fill a large space without overpowering your senses. 

Think about the way you want your house to smell. If you're looking to add some higher energy to the space, use our Espresso candle. Craving to hit the outdoors but its ten degrees below zero - try the Fireside candle to warm up and then light our wood-wicked Blue Pine, Cedar + Vanilla, or Oakmoss scents. If you're looking for a more professional scent, our Amber, Leather, or Whiskey candle will suit your needs. 

Our 3oz. and 10oz. candles should be burned in three hour increments.