Minimalist Branding, Decor, and Decluttering

Choosing simple decoration isn't as easy as walking into a department store and grabbing whatever you find. Wax and Wick candles are vital when decorating any room. Our candles are fragrant enough to fill a large room without taking the focus away from your favorite piece of art or a great book worth discussing on your coffee table

Our candles won't emasculate your space with fancy colors or color-changing glass. Uncomplicated design should be used to complement a space that you've already worked to declutter. Organize your mess, simplify your life, and add a candle to your space. The calming sound of our crackling wood wick will distract your mind during times of peace and silence.

The Wax & Wick logo was created with the minimalist in mind. Sharp, straight lines with no filler to distract from the stark white 100% soy we use to capture our Espresso scent. Our clear glass makes a minimal addition to any room with a lasting visual impression. We appreciate simplicity while striving to combine the best scents with the highest quality 100% soy wax and tasteful wood wicks. 

Cedar + Vanilla 100% Soy Wood Wick Men's Candle Espresso 100% Soy Wood Wick Men's Candle Amber 100% Soy Wood Wick Men's Candle

Shopping for a candle has never been easier than visiting our site. No need to even step into a brick and mortar location.