Searching for a Men's Candle

I searched through pages of results looking for an affordable men's candle, something that didn't smell like linen or berries, something that smelled like expensive wood or tobacco. I found some ultra-expensive candles ($40-$100 for less than 10oz. of wax) sure they were made from 100% soy and had manly fragrance but they didn't satisfy my desire for something a little more affordable.

I know good doesn't come cheap and cheap isn't good but really, $100 for a candle that would only burn for 40 hours? At the time it seemed ridiculous (still does!) - I then found some cheap men's candles. I won't name any names but they were not attractive scents. Beer, bacon, fart, grass, etc. Candles made for folks that might not get any benefit from a well executed product. Fine. I'll make my own.

I contacted my friend Joe and we decided to create the products we wanted to carry. 100% soy candles sourced from American companies, simple glass jars from America, and wood wicks - again, from the good old U.S.A. 

We know you'll like our products, they burn clean and crackle just enough to satisfy - best of all they come in attractive jars and don't cost nearly as much as our competitors. Try a 3oz. candle if you don't want to take the leap. Use the 6oz. travel tin for your car (don't light it). And burn our 10oz. candle if you intend to fill a room with a great scent. 

We also offer different candle strengths - Mild, Medium, and Strong. For those with sensitive noses go with the Mild - the amount of fragrance used is just enough to fill the area around the candle. The Medium strength would fill a bedroom with the scent. The Strong pours are good for helping make the space you live in memorable for yourself and the people you invite into your dwelling.